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The rules

Contributing JavaScript videos to is super simple and open to anyone. There are a few rules though to keep it interesting:

  • Max. 1 minute
  • Max. 5 lines of code
  • No talking (so you can keep the music on while watching)

To get your video listed on, simple do following:

  • Create a video only showing the command line
  • Upload the video to and add proper tags such as learnjs, javascript and tags describing the content of the video.
  • If you have not joined the learnjs group before, join the group.
  • Add the video to the learnjs vimeo group by clicking on the "add" tab next to your video and selecting "Add to Groups".
  • Done (A video explaining this will come soon, promised!).

Enjoy hacking the console - Oh and once you created a video, don't forget to tweet about it :)

Making learnjs better

There are tons of features missing which we would love to add one day or another. If you want to join the project and make it better, just fork the repository and let us know when you checked in new and cool stuff. Right now following features are on the TODO:

  • Search.
  • Search/Filter by tags.
  • Better overview of all available videos.
  • Highlighting of tweets which are questions.
  • Most watched.
  • Level of video (e.g. JS 101, 201, 301).
  • Maaaybee: comments (any ideas how?).

Questions / Twitter

JS Array pop